Interative Dance Performance and Installation with Sayaka Kaiwa, Ted Stoffer (Dance) and Hugo Paquete (Music) about disturbances on our lifes through disoveries in the fabric of space and time.


Collaboration with La_Trottier Dance Collective at Choreographic Center Baden-Württemberg EinTanzHaus Mannheim/Germany.

stage your city

STAGE YOUR CITY by European Theater Lab (ETL) - AR installation (scene 1)


Ovid's pygmalion redefined - body in morphogenesis. A collaboration of Chris Ziegler with Dancer Unita Gay Galiluyo and Composer Hugo Paquete.

Le Malentendu

Contemporary Opera Production from Fabian Panisello with 'Neue Oper Wien' (Vienna)

La Pocha Nostra: Monstros en la Frontera

Collaboration of ASU with Guillermo Gómez-Peña and La Pocha Nostra. New Show and new tools for performance.


Dance-media-performance for 5 dancers and audio-visual interaction by Ventura Dance Company.

monsters and angels

Film and Concert about "Lovely Monster" and "Dirty Angel" two orchestra works from Bernhard Gander.


Interactive dance performamce for image processor, two computers, sonic sculptures and woodwinds by Datura and JAMovement

Swarm Lake

Swarm Lake - is a collaboration between dancer Kenneth Flak (Norway), dancer Külli Roosna (Estonia), media artist artist Chris Ziegler (Germany) and scientist Daniel Bisig (CH), exploring notions of ecology and interdependence, using the means of spontaneously evolving choreography and electroacoustic music and lights, organized by swarm algorithms.


Dance Production by ICKAmasterdam / Emio GReco | PC in France and Holland. Dance, sound and interactive Light (LED). An interpretation of the novel The Stranger by Albert Camus.

circus & spectacles

Music theatre and installation for viola, actor, acrobatics, dancer with interactive sound by Samson Young (HK), performed at Black Box Theatre, Kwai Tsing Theatre.


An interdisciplinary production drama, musical theater, dance. Konzerttheater Bern, Switzerland.

corpus pygmalion

The myth of the artist, who falls in love with the creature of his own creation... installation and performance


Video Environment for "Elfriede Jelinek's "Winterreise" at the Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe, Germany

gramma - gardens of writing

a chamber opera // Texts after Plato, Homer, St. Augustine, Ovid, Hugo of Saint Victor, Dante and the Revelation of John-Semperdepot (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Léharg. 6)

Opening night 6th September 2011


interactive dance performance and installation by choreographer pablo ventura

stadt der blinden - city of the blind

Opera from Anno Schreier inspired by the book of José Saramago, Libretto by Kerstin Maria Pöhler
at the Opera Zurich, Switzerland

“In the ‘City of the Blind’” – as Anno Schreier explains – “we recount a parable about how people coexist under extreme conditions, under the influence of an unforeseen catastrophe – similarly to what we often hear and read in the news. Yet in this case people are not under the threat of war, natural catastrophe or nuclear disaster. Here, the catastrophe is within the people themselves: the ability to see has been taken from them. They look into a blinding whiteness and are completely at the mercy of each other and their environment. It is like an experimental arrangement: crowded together in an isolation camp by order of the state and left to their own devices, the blind form a sort of miniature society, which in the struggle for survival ultimately develops into a tyranny. Only one woman among the blind can still see: the wife of an eye specialist who wants to stay with her blind husband. She could be a heroine and finally kills the man she believes to be the tyrant, but is left alone with her guilt and the memories of what she alone has had to see. In this experimental arrangement, all human emotions, modes of behaviour and characteristics – good and bad – appear as if under a monstrous magnifying glass."

mission impossible 1862

An interactive 4 channel video installation for actors and the audience describes the life of the Missionar Jakob Friedrich Ziegler, who moved in the mid-19th Century from Dagersheim near Stuttgart to Dharwar in Karnataka, India. Chris Ziegler: "My family found well over 700 diary pages of an Itinerary of my great great grandfather in the archives of the 'Basel Mission Church 'with lots of drawings and photos. I continued the diary of a German-Indian encounter of the 19th Century with my own video diary in India. 'Impossible Mission' is a journey into the past with the means of the 21 Century.

direction, stage: Chris Ziegler
text: Michael Hewel / theater-m
performer: Heinz Röser-Dümmig, Chris Ziegler
voice of Juliane Ziegler: Ute Merz
programming: Martin Bellardi
costumes: schuler || keck

text transcript: Ursula und Martin Ziegler, 'Suetterlinstube' Hamburg e.V.

Supported by the 'Landesverband Freier Theater Baden-Württemberg' (LAFT), funded through the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture Baden-Württemberg, by the Munich Cultur Department and the National 'Fonds Darstellende Künste'.


for pina...

Video Installation for Attakkalari Center for Movement Arts, Bangalore: "for pina..." a site-specific promenade performance presented with film installation and live music designed to commemorate an iconic dance artist of our times ... Pina Bausch. Even though Pina's amazing work and life is the starting point and inspiration behind this homage, it is not strictly about those aspects, but rather reflective of the spirit of contemporary India and its dancers who wish to offer their homage to a great choreographer who passed away on 30th June 2009 at the age of 68.

Animating the architectural features of the performance venue the piece will offer fresh vantage points and unusual frames to experience dance. Employing Attakkalari's movement vocabulary, which draws influences from Indian physical and performance traditions as well as contemporary dance idioms and pedestrian movements.

For Pina... is situated in a specially designed sonic environment by Italian composer and sound artist Lorenzo Brucci. His Architettura Sonora - architectural sound modules - will produce habitats of high sound immersiveness, which will be woven with rhythms from celebrated Mizhavu percussionist Kalamandalam V.K. Hariharan (Kootiyattam Sanskrit Theatre). Light design by Shymon Chelad and a video installation by German artist Chris Ziegler will further enhance the visual impact of the piece."

Artistic Direction: Jayachandran Palazhy
Choreography: Jaychandran Palazhy along with the dancers
Music: Lorenzo Brusci | Luca Canciello | Kalamandalam V.K. Hariharan
Lighting Design& Execution: Shymon Chelad
Video Installation: Chris Ziegler
Costume Design: Sonali Sattar | Himanshu Dimri
Technical Coordination: Transmedia
Sound Modules: Sponsored by Architettura Sonora, Applied Acoustics a division of B&C Speakers.

For Pina... is a co production of Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan, India & Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts, Bangalore.

one minute

Video for Theater Production at Theater Baden-Baden, Germany
author: Simon Stephens

ONE MINUTE is a snapshot of five lives in an anonymous city. The disappearance of a little girl becomes the starting point for linking the lives of three women and two men. It is the case by Inspector Gary Burroughs and his young colleague Constable Robert Evans. Between the girl's mother and Gary Burroughs developed a trusting conversation. Catherine served in Gary's favorite bar. In a department store, she meets Marie Louise Burdett know, short time later, the two decide to move in together. Marie Louise reported to the police as a witness in the case of the missing girl. All their meetings are just as random as necessary, they need and depend on each other.

director: Andre Sebastian
stage: Michael Böhler
video: Chris Ziegler
costumes: Annie Lenk
actors: Tobias Bode, Sonia Hausséguy, Thomas Höhne, Catharina Kottmeier, Anne Leßmeister

inhabited geometry

Video for stage production of Mandeep Raikhy / gati dance Delhi, India Based on the notion of lived experience of architecture in Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics of Space, ‘Inhabited Geometry’ is an ensemble piece that aims to define, architecturally and imaginarily, the idea of home. As an investigation of the idea of 'site', cultural as well as architectural, and an attempt to create a new vocabulary emerging out of experiments with Bharatanatyam, this piece is essentially an exploration undertaken with six dancers to paint a picture of an imaginary home.
Choreographed by Mandeep Raikhy
Danced by Anusha Lall, Swati Mohan, Manju Sharma, Rajat Bakshi, Sanjay Singh Rana & Mandeep Raikhy
Music by Ish Sherawat
Media Design by Chris Ziegler
Photography by Desmond Roberts Supported by Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi, and The Gati Dance Forum. For tickets contact +99714 06113 / 011 4182 5788 vimeo (gati)


Attakkalari Center for Movement Arts, Bangalore, India / Concordia University Montreal, Canada.

Inspired by the famous Tamil epic Chilapathikkaram CHRONOTOPIA takes the audience through an episodic journey which oscillates between memory and experience.
This production explores human predicament in a time of rapid changes, traversing layers that often defy conventional notions of space and chronology.


Pablo Ventura Dance Company, Zurich, Switzerland

"Won Kar Hai's "2046" film within a film is the starting point for our staging of "2047". We will attempt to devise a parallel plot outside of the film canvas that captures its poetics by means of a live non-linear dance and audiovisual performance in an Installation format."


t2:echo by Henry Daniels [V3 NOV'09]

t2:echo, a telematic dance performance at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design (ECUAD) in Vancouver performed during Interactive Futures Conference 21st November 2009. The performance involved a live two-way video link between the Concourse Gallery and the IDS MoCap studio in the ECUAD main building on Granville Island, plus a live one-way multichannel audio link for violin.

Concept, Choreography by Henry Daniels
Dance: Brenna McLaud, Chengxin Wei, Donald Taruc, Tara Dyberg
Music: James O'Callaghan
Violins: Julie Sun Lee
interactive Video: Chris Ziegler
Telepresence Technology, Multiview Camera System: Ivan Bajic, Jie Liang


forest 2 - another midsummer night\'s dream

Theater installation / Multimedia Opera

Chris Ziegler, Associate Artist at ZKM Karlsruhe, presents his latest interactive theater production "forest 2" , which was produced and presented at the Artfestival Weimar 2007, transaction Festival and DANCE2008 Festival Munich and shown finally 2009 at ZKM Karlsruhe in the latest version as participatory environment for music theater and dance.

"forest 2", which is based on Shakespeare's drama "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and Ovid's "Metamorphoses", plays with the complex elements of its literary origins. The text written by Michael Hewel weaves together the three motifs of love, art, and death and ties them to the theme of the forest. An extensive installation, which in conjunction with the music by Torsten Brandes and the Ensemble für Neue Musik Schloss Hamborn as well as a specific movement, light, and image architecture, creates an unusual association space in which the forest appears as a site of myths and fairytales, fears and dreams. The audience is invited to explore these different spaces with Puck (Friederike Plafki).

"forest 2" consists of two parts: an exhibition (Wed., Sept. 2nd, to Fri, Sept. 4th) and a performance part on the following weekend of September 05th and 6th._In the exhibition, the viewer himself becomes an actor on the interactive stage and thus part of the changing sequence of scenes, which is constantly generated anew._The story taking place in the light forest of the Midsummer Night's Dreams is told from a different perspective in every performance resp. during every visit of the exhibition.

On Saturday, Sept. 5th, and on Sunday, Sept. 6th, the perspective of narration always changes on the hour:

12 a.m. - Oberon
1 p.m. - Titania
2 p.m. - Music version
3 p.m. - Titania
4 p.m. - Oberon
5 p.m. - Music version

(Duration of each cycle: 20min.)

Concept, direction: Chris Ziegler
Text: Michael Hewel/ Theater M
Composition: Torsten Brandes
Music: Ensemble für Neue Musik Schloss Hamborn www.ensemble-fnm.de
Sounds: Alexandre Decoupigny
Programming: Martin Bellardi
Oberon/Acting: Jens Kipper
Titania/Song: Ute Merz/Steffi Fischer
Puck/Dance: Friederike Plafki

Supported by the Landesverband Freier Theater Baden-Württemberg (LAFT), funded through the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture Baden-Württemberg.

info ZKM

wald - forest

The forest is architecture as well as an organism. Beyond civilization, it is an ambivalent place, setting both fantasies and anxieties free.
Chris Ziegler, who works at the ZKM (Centre for Art and Media) in Karlsruhe as a media artist, has created a media installation with his piece wald - forest that uses these ambivalences and invites the visitor to take part in an interactive game.
His media space functions as a performance environment where dance, light and electronic sounds are interwoven in constantly changing constellations.
This illuminated field of associations will be performed by the dancer Christine Bürkle and the composer Sandeep Bhagwati. At the end of the performance, the audience will be invited to walk around in the virtual forest and to create lighting effects, noises and sounds with their bodies.


kobaltworks, Brussels

bullitt is a performance about speed and freedom. It is set in a binary space [black darkness vs. white light] .
bullitt is a sensual reflection about freedom within environmental structures: binary structures in construction around us, produced by digital systems.
bullitt creates these digital structures essentially through light and music. Speed is their common vector, penetrating the body this speed gives an irresistible blow, a panic-stricken desire.


24 ch. sound / 12 ch light installation and performance by Paul Modler (sounds) and Chris Ziegler (lights)

dear elizabeth

Aphasia Dance Company / Ted Stoffer

"Dear Elizabeth employs six bodies that have a unique and combined importance in the realization of this event. They are: performer, projected bodies, the body of music, the individual bodies making up the audience, the body of audience as a whole and the suggested bodies from the installation. ...


Bavarian State Opera Munich

Ballets by Davide Bombana, Michael Simon and Jacopo Godani
Music by John Adams, Heiner Goebbels and Jacopo Godani
Video by Chris Ziegler and Gilles Papin ...


turned is an interactive and multi-media dance performance, developed and performed by media artist Chris Ziegler, artist-in-residence at the ZKM Karlsruhe, with Kazue Ikeda, a Japanese dancer currently working in Berlin, and DJ and composer Florian Meyer (Institut fuer feinmotorik).

The performance combines elements from dance, painting, visual art and music. The recorded images of the dancing body are sampled and distorted by electronic processing. The motion deconstructed in this manner opens up a poetic vision of loss and destruction. The viewer is taken along on a quest for clues.

The piece turned is a turntable: it begins as a concert, continues as dance and then turns into an interactive video sequence and finally into a VR-installation - a multi-media-based spatial structure evolving before the eyes of the viewer.

The production realized during a residency at ZKM Karlsruhe was supported by: Kulturreferat der LH München, Bayerischer Landesverband Zeitgenössischer Tanz, Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V., Bonn.


Tanz und Videoperformance by Irina Lorez
Cie irina Lorez & Co. www.irinalorez.ch
Video, Robotic Camera: Chris Ziegler


Performance and lecture demonstration at 21st Jan. 2004 ZKM Karlsruhe | Kubus

ZKM Karlsruhe workshop with
Christina Ciupke: Dance
Martin Schüttle: Sound
Chris Ziegler: Visuals

see also photo series in arts: "cc.traces"

gott von manhattan

Schwetzingen Festival 2004, Rokokotheater, May 19, 2004 by A. Hölszky
text: Ingeborg Bachmann
libretto: Yona Kim
director: Stephan Kimming
singer: Ann-Katrin Naidu, Andreas Scheiner, Birgit Fandrey, Anja Maria Kaftan, Elisabeth Wilke
conducter: Alexander Winterson
stage: Anja Rabes
video: Chris Ziegler

"ĮĮThe plot revolves around Jennifer and Jan, whose romance is mysteriously thwarted by fate in the form of two squirrels, Bill and Frankie, who are in league with the title character. The Good God of Manhattan assumes the right to play the role of destiny and forcibly separate the lovers, since their burning passion runs counter to the rigid norms of order established by the powers that be. A major role is played by a chorus that provides grotesque commentaries. It is a work in which everything seems to be in permanent flow and change." (Jörn Peter Hiekel)

schwetzinger festspiele


composer: Arnulf Herrmann

Donaueschingen Festival 2003 ( www.swr.de/swr2/donaueschingen)
world premiere - 18th october 2003, 17.30 Uhr, Donauhalle B
Concert for Ensemble, Live-Electronik, Actor and Interactive Video
after the short novel "Frühling" from Thomas Lehr


dance, dance, revolution!

interactive multimedia dance and DJ performance

4 Dj-s, 2 composers, 1 dancer and a playstation...
"dance dance revolution!" is the name of a popular computergame and was also the source of inspiration to Chris Ziegler and Kazue Ikeda in the media theater of the ZKM Karlsruhe. dance, electronic music, arcade- and DJ- sounds and interactive visuals create a multimedia soundscape, crossing borders between clubculture , dancetheater and arcade culture.

"dance, dance, revolution!" comes from the title of an electronic arcade play, that particularly in Japan had been very popular. I saw young kids and teenagers in tokyo practicing incredible movements on the road in front of arcade salons.
Kazue Ikeda, which I work together in this piece, grewn up in Japan. she completed training as a stunt-women and in acrobatics, before she started to dance professionally.

workshop and performance:
with djs and musicians from "institute for fine motions", "spuler" and with the composer Sean Reed and Todd Ingalls we had a two week workshop at the studio of HfG Karlsruhe. We worked on interactive sound jams with life dance, moving lights and life interactive video. The final presentation took place at "Long Night of Museums" Karlsruhe (KAMUNA), August 8th 2003.
Konzeption und visuelle Gestaltung: Chris Ziegler, Tanz: Kazue Ikeda, Tanz-Dramaturgie: Karen Schupp, Musik: Todd Ingalls, Sean Read, Spuler, institut für feinmotorik, Tontechnik: Frank Halbig, Ausstattung: Gabriele Engelhardt, Kerstin Müller,  Produktion: Christian Ziegler und ZKM | Karlsruhe, unterstützt durch die Hochschule für Gestaltung (HfG) Karlsruhe und Martin Professional A/S sowie durch den Bayerischen Landesverband zeitgenössischer Tanz (BLZT)
supported by BLZT (Bayerischer Landesverband Zeitgenössischer Tanz), ZKM Karlsruhe and HfG Karlsruhe



Opera Wuppertal/Wuppertaler B?hnen - Oper, Germany

Tragicomedia per musica by Luigi Rossi


Life electro acoustic concert with interactive video, 2002 / 2004

kryptonale Winter 02/03, roundabout HfG Karlsruhe summer 2002,
"ichiigai labelnight" ZKM Karlsruhe 21.06.04 (picture/video)
ichiigai-link: vc-box.hfg-karlsruhe.de/label/home.htm

Henry Mex: Electro Bass
Paul Modler: Sound
Chris Ziegler: Visuals

trans avatar

IMLATA DANCE company with Christian Ziegler (Video)

at dance2002 Festival Munich ( www.dance2002.de/ )
8.th/9th November 2002 i-camp/Neues Theater München

"Trans Avatar" is a multimedia event, and it combines and interlinks modern dance and Indian forms of dance, ancient martial arts and new technologies, South Asia and urban Europe. This international production was developed in Great Britain, India and Germany and refers to the term "avatara." In Indian religions it means the incarnation of a god, and later on "avatar" was assimilated into the language of mathe-matics, and today it is part of computer terminology. The interlocking system of human movement and digital system creates virtual realms of images, images with a dreamlike beauty, and thus it creates views of the human body that have never been seen before.

scanned I - V

interactive dance performance / VJ event / installation

In scanned V, dance forms the material of a visual process. Movement is digitalised and scanned producing a visual and acoustic dialogue between performance and live sampling. The media stage environment creates a condensed reflection of a performed choreography. With movements rendered painterly, scanned V connects dance and painting, the performing and the visual arts.