a chamber opera by José Maria Sánchez-Verdú - Texts after Plato, Homer, St. Augustine, Ovid, Hugo of Saint Victor, Dante and the Revelation of John - Semperdepot (Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Léharg. 6)

In six separate historical, philosophical and literary scenes, composer José Maria Sánchez-Verdú takes on the phenomena of writing, of memory, of forgetting and—ultimately—of knowledge itself.

He does so using an excerpt from the dialog Phaedrus by Plato, as well as reporting on an event that occurred during the Odyssey, quoting the Confessions by Augustine of Hippo, telling of the dying Adonis and also giving space to Hugo of Saint Victor. Ultimately, Dante’s Divine Comedy leads the audience into Paradise. Sánchez-Verdú analyzes each of these scenes with surgical precision, emphasizing individual bits in order to arrive at the heart of the matter. A similar reduction to the essential takes place in the composer’s music, the dynamic of which remains pianissimo throughout—thereby giving rise to a fragility that results in a constant air of tension pervading the sonic space. (Christoph Zauner)

Musical director: Walter Kobéra
Director: Christoph Zauner
Stage design: Jörg Brombacher
Video: Chris Ziegler
Costume design: Mareile v. Stritzky
Light design: Norbert Chmel

Thamos/Speaker: Adi Hirschal
Sirene/Venus: Bibiana Nwobilo
Ulysses/Monk: Oliver Ringelhahn
Teuth/Dante: Günther Haumer
Dancer: Paul Lorenger
With Manuela Leonhartsberger, Alexander Eschig, Yevgen Gembik und Gernot Heinrich

Amadeus Ensemble Wien

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Duration : 13:16
Duration : 1:24
lamento [interlude]
Author : © Zauner/Ziegler
Duration : 8:13
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1. gramma - gardens of writing Sun 11-09-2011 20:00 Semper Depot, Vienna
2. gramma - gardens of writing Sat 10-09-2011 20:00 Semper Depot, Vienna
3. gramma - gardens of writing Fri 09-09-2011 20:00 Semper Depot, Vienna
4. gramma - gardens of writing [Premiere]Tue 06-09-2011 20:00 Semper Depot, Vienna
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