App for Music Drama Production POPULUS (2020) 
A production of the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz in cooperation with ORF musikprotokoll

App Populus AR (iOS and Android) - expanding the stage with AR 3D and 2D videoplanes.
Download_iOS (min. 10.1)
Download_Android (min. 8.1)
Please put in Demo Code FFF FFF FFF FF1 to start APP 0 degree (Compass N)
- FF2 for 90 - FF3 for 180 - FF4 for 270
Put in FFF FFF FFF FF5 to jump to scene 2 (0 degree)

The music drama POPULUS intrigued in the initial phase of the performance an immediate threat to society: a new sun was shining.
An app for the audience was to expand the stage set and show an invisible threat with an asteroid above the actors' heads. The real threat in POPULUS is the loss of speech or the ability to articulate or express oneself.In another scene the app described a time jump from the dystopian present of the acting plot: 4 musicians play harmoniously together which is in contradiction to the falling apart plot. In the music drama POPULUS a speaker spoke at the beginning of the performance of an immediate threat to society: a new sun is shining!

PopulusAR APP:
The Audience used their mobile phone with the APP, discovering hidden objects and videos on stage in three scenes.

Scene1 Asteroid:
Through the App the audience saw an asteroid floating above stage. An immediate - but actually invisible -  danger to all lives in the theater. The real threat in POPULUS actually is the loss of speech and the lack to articulate or express oneself.

Scene2 Quartet: 
Later the app was used to described a leap in time from the dystopian present: 4 musicians play harmoniously together in contradiction to the disintegrating plot of the performance. The musicians are placed on stage, where the singer Camille Primeau tried to embrace them.

Scene3 - Color:
In a third scene, in which we used the app at the end of the piece, the audience should be able to see the scene dipped in new colors before CORONA made it impossible. Depending on which direction the camera points, the image adds a new transparent layer of color over the life video image. 

Funded by DIS-TANZEN and the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media in the NEUSTART KULTUR (RESTART CULTURE) Program.