DanceMediaAcademy 07
Kunstfest Weimar

Chris Ziegler, installation "forest 2"
Students from Palucca Schule Dresden, choreography
Students of Bauhaus University Weimar, music

"pèlerinages" Kunstfest Weimar is starting a new project: the TanzMedienAkademie . Platform for young, talented artists and place for interdiciplinary research, this project offers a three week long workshop during which young dancers and choreographers create new pieces which will be presented within the framework of the festival.

This year's academy is based on the interactive installation "wald-forest" by the media artist Chris Ziegler, known for his collaboration with William Forsythe. "wald-forest" forms a performance landscape consisting of light and sound, reacting on movement. As such, it is set on the borderline between architecture and "digital organism". Within this performance landscape new choreographic works will be developed.

Before the academy starts Chris Ziegler will teach a class for the choreography students of the Palucca school working with one version of "wald-forest". During this process first ideas and concepts for new pieces should emerge. In Weimar, the young choreographers from Dresden will meet students and graduates from other European dance schools. In small teams they will examine the installation, elaborate their concepts and work on their realization. During this process they will be supported by the experienced choreographers Ted Stoffer and Arthur Stäldi. Workshop and presentation are going to take place in the spectacular "Viehauktionshalle".

Students of the Bauhaus University Weimar, faculty of media, will be involved in the realization of the installation as well as of the new pieces. By the encounter of dancers, choreographers and media designers insights into the principles and functioning of the other disciplines should be gained as well as mutual inspiration for the artistic process.

By the project of the TanzMedienAkademie "pèlerinages" Kunstfest Weimar emphasizes its interest in new art forms, in supporting the career of young artists and in the cultural revival of a precious historical building.

The TanzMedienAkademie is funded by the "Kulturstiftung des Bundes" and takes place in cooperation with the Palucca School Dresden and the Bauhaus University Weimar. With the friendly support of Konsumgenossenschaft Weimar e.G.

see also performance "forest 2 - another midsummer night's dream"