Workshop 1st -9th August 2007
Accademia Mobile / wald-forest

Workshop, Rehearsal Muffathalle, i-camp Theater, Munich
9th August 8:30 PM showing "meet you in the forest" i-camp Theater, Munich

Through Emio Greco | PC's artistic collaboration with German media artist Chris Ziegler Accademia Mobile will run an edition within the TANZWERKSTATT EUROPA. Since 1989 this annual dance festival has been a two-week meeting place for dancers and choreographers in which different bridges of understanding between dance and other forms of visual art, acting, musical theater, and new forms of media art are created.

In the form of a coaching project for dancers, choreographers and actors, the Accademia Mobile edition at the Tanzwerkstatt will focus on the interaction between different artistic languages: the Emio Greco | PC workshop 'Double Skin/Double Mind' and the interactive installation of Chris Ziegler 'wald-forest'.
The workshop 'Double Skin/Double Mind' will serve as a physical and mental preparation for a later entrance into the interactive space of 'wald-forest', where movement parameters are related to light and surround sound architecture, creating interesting spatial perspectives for movement creation.
The combination of experiences will be used to encourage each participant to participate in a creative project that will end with a public presentation on the last day of workshop.

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