"Derived from the Sanskrit, NAGARIKA meaning a civilizational dimension, is an integrated information system on Indian physical systems presented as a series of interactive DVDs detailing the concepts of body and the principles of movement embedded in Bharatanatyam ( project supported by the Daniel Langlois Foundation and Goethe Institut)and Kalarippayattu ( project supported by Ford Foundation).

Over the years, Attakkalari has undertaken in-depth research into teaching methodologies in Indian performing arts traditions. Notions of knowledge creation and sharing, transfer of aesthetic sensibilities and the process of forming gestures, body lines and movement as cultural symbols, as well as the role of breath, focus and music in accentuating and augmenting the experience of movement, have come under the scope of these studies. The knowledge of these independent projects led to a major research project, NAGARIKA.
The project compiles and categorizes movement sequences of two specific Indian movement traditions – the first DVD in the nagarika series supported by the Daniel Langlois Foundation and the Goethe Institut focused specifically on the Kalakshetra style of Bharatanatyam."  

Attakkalari Center of Movement Arts


DVD-ROM volume 1 Bharatanatyam (2006) link to Langlois Fondations for Arts, Science and Technology (not published yet)
DVD-ROM volume 2 Kalarippayattu (2011) NAGARIKA official webpage (published 07/11 - see purchase instructions under 'download')