Tanz und Videoperformance by Irina Lorez
Cie irina Lorez & Co. www.irinalorez.ch
Video, Robotic Camera: Chris Ziegler

premiere and coproduction at ADN, Neuchâtel (CH) April 2004

"Fascinating dialogue of dance and video in 'transfer':
A camera hanging from the ceiling follows the movements of the dancer.
A computer and a coincidence-generator (video-concept: Christian Ziegler) keeps the dance again and again in the centre.
A fascinating dialogue between dance and video develops. The dancer glides slowly through different gestures, steps and movements, while the camera shows new perspectives of them.
Body and image blend in a wonderful and meditative way.
Not just the body is dancing but also the camera." Eva Bucher (NLZ, May 2004)