Kobalt Works vzw. Brussels (BE) www.kobaltworks.be

Artistic Direction: Arco Renz
Choreography: Arco Renz in collaboration with Wen-Chi Su, Melanie Lane, Hideto Heshiki
Dance: Wen-Chi Su, Melanie Lane, Hideto Heshiki, Arco Renz
Music: Marc Appart
Interactive Media and Light Panel: Chris Ziegler
Light Design: Jan Maertens and Chris Ziegler
Costume: Michelle Baechthold and Arco Renz
Stage Management: Linde Raedschelders
Production: Kobalt Works vzw.


bullitt is a performance about speed and freedom. It is set in a binary space [black darkness vs. white light] .

bullitt is a sensual reflection about freedom within environmental structures: binary structures in construction around us, produced by digital systems.

bullitt creates these digital structures essentially through light and music. Speed is their common vector, penetrating the body this speed gives an irresistible blow, a panic-stricken desire.


The neon-light installation is a design by Chris Ziegler, German media artist, associated with the ZKM in Karlsruhe.

This light panel is used in two different ways during the performance: first, a light design by Jan Maertens meticulously develops algothythmic patterns that frame the performers and eventually evolve into radical changes between total darkness and flashes of light.

Then, the light panel transforms into a visible and sensitive, that is interactive partner of the performers. This process is maneuvered by Chris Ziegler himself.


Marc Appart, composer of the original electronic music score of Bullitt, is a long-time collaborator of Arco renz and developed hand in hand the process of composition between electronic music and dance that leads to this very specific friction referred to as Abstract Dramaturgy. The light design of Jan Maertens and the interactive light panel operated by Chris Ziegler complete the triangle (Dance-music-light) that enact a vibrant tension between the performers and the digital technology that surrounds them.


Co-production: Dubbelspel (STUK Kunstencentrum Leuven & 30 CC); Festival van Vlaanderen Vlaams-Brabant/Transit Festival for Contemporary Music; Tanzhaus NRW, Düsseldorf; BUDA Kortrijk. With the Support of: Ministerie van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap - Cultuur, jeugd, media, sport en tourisme, NPN (Nationals Performance Netzwerk Deutschland), SACD and Avec le soutien du Programme 1500 heures pour danser de la SACD
Special thanks to: Elektromat/Domotic Lounge, Rinus Vande Velde