concept, installation: Chris Ziegler
sound: Alexandre Decoupigny

Forests are both architecture and a vivid organism. A digital organism, a "cellular automaton" lives in "forest 2". He exists in life cycles, which are influenced by physical presence of each visitor. He/it breaths, makes noises, moves through an artifical frest of light objects and causes traces of light.

Frequencing light pulses indicate the activity of the organism.

The leading acoustic motif of the installation "forest 2 - cellular automaton" is breath. According to their ecological function, forests are lungs of the world. Pulsing and rhythmic sounds of breathings simulate a vivid organism, which lives as a digital primal organism in the installation. Sound-organisms are generated, which creat a acoustic sound scape of a forest : clicking and creaking noises, buzzes, knocks and moans.

With the pulsing lights of the installation sounds create a form and character of non-permanent beings, which communicate with the visitors.