An interactive 4 channel video installation for actors and the audience describes the life of the Missionar Jakob Friedrich Ziegler, who moved in the mid-19th Century from Dagersheim near Stuttgart to Dharwar in Karnataka, India.

Chris Ziegler: "My family found well over 700 diary pages of an Itinerary of my great great grandfather in the archives of the 'Basel Mission Church 'with lots of drawings and photos. I continued the diary of a German-Indian encounter of the 19th Century with my own video diary in India. 'Impossible Mission' is a journey into the past with the means of the 21 Century.

direction, stage: Chris Ziegler
text: Michael Hewel / theater-m
performer: Heinz Röser-Dümmig, Chris Ziegler
voice of Juliane Ziegler: Ute Merz
programming: Martin Bellardi
costumes: schuler || keck

text transcript: Ursula und Martin Ziegler, 'Suetterlinstube' Hamburg e.V.

Supported by the 'Landesverband Freier Theater Baden-Württemberg' (LAFT), funded through the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture Baden-Württemberg, by the Munich Cultur Department and the National 'Fonds Darstellende Künste'.