Video for Theater Production at Theater Baden-Baden, Germany
author: Simon Stephens

ONE MINUTE is a snapshot of five lives in an anonymous city. The disappearance of a little girl becomes the starting point for linking the lives of three women and two men. It is the case by Inspector Gary Burroughs and his young colleague Constable Robert Evans. Between the girl's mother and Gary Burroughs developed a trusting conversation. Catherine served in Gary's favorite bar. In a department store, she meets Marie Louise Burdett know, short time later, the two decide to move in together. Marie Louise reported to the police as a witness in the case of the missing girl. All their meetings are just as random as necessary, they need and depend on each other.

director: Andre Sebastian
stage: Michael Böhler
video: Chris Ziegler
costumes: Annie Lenk
actors: Tobias Bode, Sonia Hausséguy, Thomas Höhne, Catharina Kottmeier, Anne Leßmeister