"Chris Ziegler will be facilitating two intensive one-week curated laboratories to develop work within the "wald-forest" interactive environment. The work of Chris Ziegler ranges from DVD-ROM projects to interactive installations and multimedia performances and performance environments. During 17–28 October, Christian will set up his work "wald-forest" as a laboratory space for choreographers to work in. Chris will work with choreographers both as a facilitator and as a programmer to offer them insight and practical exploration of his interactive dance environments."

On 30 and 31 October Critical Path will host a one-day public exhibition of the "wald-forest" installation, and a forum where Chris Ziegler will present his own work and the work he has undertaken with Emio Greco|PC designing the prechoreographic dance training installation "doubleskin | doublemind".

SEAM2010, Sydney 17–28 oct, Place: The Drill Hall 6 NSW Choreographers in partnership with the Goethe Institut Sydney.